Sunday, September 4, 2011

When I found out I was pregnant one year ago

Well today is the day that one year ago when travelling home from Ronald McDonald house and me saying that I didn't feel right, had sore boobs and had not had my period, that B said "you are pregnant" and I remember him looking at me, laughing and being excited! I was doubting what he was saying but knowing that he was right when I worked it all out and my dates! I was excited and nervous like you are with any pregnancy and until I had things confirmed at the doctors I did not tell anyone. B went back several days later to the Ronald McDonald house to announce the news to my family!

I know that there will be days that I have these 'anniversary' and 'rememberence' moments, it is hard not to, not to think back about how everything was so different then and how we felt about what was changing and our future. One year ago we were excited and had no idea what was coming....

We celebrated Matthews official birthday date up at the beach this weekend just gone, where we were trapped due to the weather and floods but it was awesome and while we were there and had a little party beneath the tree's with party food, balloons and cake. We were able to make it home today via Whitianga which in total took us 8hrs to get home with stops included! So we got an extra day off work and got to be at the beach, when it came time to leave we actually did not want to...nearly had the campground to ourselves!

Received the mail today and got the appointment for just seeing the specialist at the hospital and felt pretty gutted as I have to wait until the end of July! Was not expecting to wait that long and then it could be months after that before I get surgery for one stupid lump, my hernia. I guess I know that this year will not be the year for another baby so that decision is out of my hands for now.....still deciding how I feel about that but I did not have any kind of idea if we did want another baby or not yet so will carry on...!

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