Sunday, September 4, 2011

And now this public blog begins....

So up until now all of my previous posts have been copied and pasted from my private blog.....I have gathered the time and the energy as well as the emotional strength to read through and
re-visit all the past entries and decide which I wanted to include in this blog which will be made public. Not an easy task but something I have wanted to do for some connect with other families who may have been through the same or similar circumstances and for one reason or another we are all connected, we have all lost and are in pain and need an outlet for all that crazy, upsetting, sad stuff in our heads and what we carry with us each and every day. There is no escaping, no putting a bandage on and making it better, no ignoring it and no forgetting what has happened. We walk the line every day of a person who has lost a child.

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