Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things the kids say

The other day we were offered a dog...just the kind of dog I want...a boy dog....cute....fluffy and used to children....boys in particular.....I am still contemplating what to do.....trying to remind myself that the expense and the times that we have away from home are the reason not to buy a dog......
Anyway when I had A here the other day, we were talking about this dog and she said to me "You could name the dog Grace" and this was so sweet for her to think of Grace and then C replied "No, we only have one Grace in our family and A accepted this comment. I thought the two of them were rather sweet.

The next day there was an add on tv with a baby girl in a cot....M sat there and said "Look there's Grace".

M was tidying his room up (takes after me!) and he found some unwrapped but uneaten Easter eggs (yucky) and he said to me "Mum these are for Grace" and he placed them into a tiny and real birds nest just as my mum had done at Easter time.

I am sad but happy when the kids say things like this. I wish they were talking about Grace as a part of our family living with us and being a monkey just like my boys are, but instead I have my boys talking about Grace as a memory. However I am honoured they still speak of her and that is how we have made it, open and honest along with talking about Grace with them and ensuring she is not forgotten.

I was watching a talk show the other day with a man talking about his child being born with a fatal disorder and living only 11 days. He was asked if he has moved on from that and his response was "you never move on from losing a child no matter what age they are. You continue to live through the dark days and the lighter days but you never more on. You have a hole where they should be and it cant be filled".

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