Sunday, September 4, 2011

My pendent from forever child

The other day I go the mail and there it envelope from America....knowing exactly what it was I basically ripped open the package and there it pendent, handmade, with Grace's footprint and handprint etched into it and on the reverse side was the wording Baby Grace, 21.05.2011, Precious and a tiny pink bead dangling in the middle. The prints are faint and quite fine, but also discreet and they mean the world to me which is what matters.

I was so excited and emotional as it is a piece of jewellery I can wear that helps me feel that connection to my baby girl.

This is one of the closest items I have that symbolises that my girl existed, she was part of our lives and she lives on in memories.

There will be constant reminders all the time of our time with Grace. Today I went to a cafe and before I went I was slightly apprehensive, simply because last time I went, I was pregnant and it was mothers day and I knew nothing of what was about to happen. I was selective of what tea I had based on what was safe for the baby.....

When the cupcakes came out, I did draw my breath in for a moment as the exact same rose was on the top that we had last time, and that same rose was one of the items that was placed with Grace in her casket. So reminders came flooding in from that.....However today was lovely and special and I really enjoyed playing ladies for the time there!

Where are your reminders...your moments where you draw in your breath.....what and where do you find it hard to be?

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