Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our stay at the Ronald McDonald house retreat

So our time at the Ronald McDonald house was amazing and I am glad that we went, not glad that we got to go because of what we had to go through, but glad there is a place like this for families in need. I got texts during the week from K, T and S asking how things were going, and how I was which was lovely! I felt like B and I did not get much time together which was a bit hard, but I also loved being together as a family. If I could fit everyone in the house that I wanted to it would have been even better, my closest friends and family. I had a few moments when I was sad about being there for the reason of the loss of Grace. It was a matter of pushing on through it and 'keeping on going'!

I just wanted to say that this house is made possible from donations and fundraising and from people who actually care about families. I was a bit upset last night when instead of being asked how our time away was and what we did, a comment was made about us being on holiday and using all the taxpayers money!!!

This is so not true and it was through companies in the Rotorua area that provided many vouchers that enabled us to do all the activities that we did, and it was from them that showed they cared and the companies that made a huge difference in what we were able to do this week.

We could not have afforded many of the things that we did, and by companies providing vouchers we were able to create many happy family memories. The house we stayed in was built in 2009 and with McDonald's being the leading company who put the money in, it also came from other companies who donated time and money as well as resources for the house that provide families with everything they need. For example there are quilts in the house, all handmade by love and donated to the house for on the beds. Before we went to the Ronald McDonald house, S suggested making a donation to them after we had stayed which is something that we will be doing. I will also be thanking all the companies we went to for their vouchers but also for their caring way that they dealt with us, some people really went out of their way for us.

We went to the house, like many families for a reason and that reason is related to a loss of a child or a child who has ongoing medical issues or is terminally ill. These are not nice reasons. These are not what you want in life. There are things that you never ever want to go through. Yet having this retreat house, provides families with 'time out' and a place to create new happy times! This is what we did and I am grateful that companies gave us that opportunity and felt like families deserved this!

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