Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mothers day without my baby

The day started with mixed emotions....knowing that today was to be celebrated as being a mother and also for my mother, but also knowing that my daughter was not here to celebrate with me.
The boys jumped on the bed early so no sleep in but with their excited faces and a bag of goodies for me, how could I say no! I was gifted coffee, wine, chocolate and some cards the kids had worked hard on. I smiled through tears of both sadness and happiness!
B was in the kitchen cooking breakfast and served me pancakes, yummy and also gave me a bunch of roses. Very sweet!

I then headed for a shower and had so many thoughts about Grace and tried to focus on being happy for the day and getting through it. I then went to open the pendent I had brought for myself with a baby and mother symbol to help me feel like Grace was close.
I received several texts and emails about motherhood and wishes for a happy mothers day!
So the morning was spent with B's side of the family and then we headed home so I could get ready for the afternoon with my family.
We had a special tea party together with the girls and the kids...lots of noise but lots of delish food and tea tasting along with the beautiful tea cups and the feeling of being elegant and 'high class'. We even had flowers on the table hand-picked by C and M as well as roses from S's garden, including 'Grace' roses! Wonderful! While we were sitting down mum smiled and I instantly recognised a song that mum has always called my baby song, it is about a baby and how lovely she is and the song that mum heard lots when I was first born...quite cool how it played right at the time we were together!

To end of the day the boys all joined us for food and then in true style the rest of our family joined us...the E's.....with their own celebration of selling their house...and the news they will stay around town until next year, Yah!

A very busy day but ended up being really great. We also ended the evening releasing one of our lanterns, just me and boys together....M said how sad he was about Grace, waving goodbye to the lantern and calling the lantern Grace....C snuggled in and quietly watched...we all stayed outside to watch as the lantern touched the stars and became the brightest star....

I have felt really special and taken care and have received some gifts over the past few days, I will share those in another post. It is time to relax for me! So happy mothers day you wonderful beautiful mothers!

How do you spend mothers day? How do you spend fathers day? And all those other days?

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