Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A poem and a bead from T

Well the other night I was happy but sad after a beautiful gesture from T. I received a poem and and a present. The poem was written by T along with some 'help' as T puts it, from Grace. She felt that she really wanted to write a poem, and after sourcing some of the wording, T wrote the second half and then presented me with it, along with a beautiful bead that is pink and sparkly and has slights twists in it. T described the bead as being not perfectly round because life has its twists and turns and she wanted me to have the bead as a special gift for the time that Grace is due.

I will include a photo of my bracelet, with the beads that I have on it now; pink hearts relating to Graces birth and actual life, a G for Grace, ballet slippers from S and R linking to Grace and that she would have done ballet, pink twisty bead from T relating to life having its twists, the letters C and M linking to C and M, a ring linking to Band a pretty pink bead I brought myself for my birthday.

Thank you so much T! Even just putting this onto the blog, has brought a tear to my eye with the wording!

Dear Mummy
Angels called my name so gently, that only I could hear.
No one heard the footsteps, of angels drawing near.
Softly from the shadows there came a gentle call,
I closed my eyes and went to sleep, and quietly left you all.
But don’t forget I’m always near, I always hear my name,
I feel the pain that saddens you, but I’m still so glad I came.
The feeling of undying love, which I always feel from you,
I love your smile your special touch, in everything you do
The angel box, our special stone, my footprints on the wall,
These things I love so very much, my memory to recall.
About this time I should have been held within your arms,
Staring into your bright blue eyes soaking up your charm,
Instead I’ve left my memory for everyone to share,
A life of love and tenderness and a thousand tears
My love for you will never die; it will blossom year by year
And when your time on earth is up I’ll be waiting here.
Love you Mummy xxoo Grace

I give you this to put the sparkle back in your eye
And every time you think of me you will smile and not cry xxx

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