Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hand and foot moulds

Horay and thank goodness, finally after just over eight weeks, we received our framed hand and foot moulds that were taken of Grace, from a company. Bit of a delay and lots of nervous moments from me regarding why it was taking so long but they are beautiful and a priceless treasure of how tiny Grace's hands and feet were. We also have a plaque with the moulds with Grace's full name, time and date of birth and the sentence "we love you forever precious girl".

I also made a canvas a few weeks ago with the canvas that the nurse and midwife did the prints from Grace's hands and feet. Pretty and pink!

Small items but things that are keeping me going through this fog. I can create items for Grace and it helps me remember her and honour her. I cant believe that this is my life now. I cant believe that this is what life is like and I am surviving but with so much heartache and sorrow. I dont want to be doing this, I dont want to be in this life without my child, I want her here and I want my baby with me every day, every moment, except I am walking without her every day, every moment.

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