Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family support

I owe credit to my family who through everything have been so strong and have continually provided support. I think they deserve their own blog entry!

My mum was with us through every day that we needed her, she basically moved into our house to take care of the boys and the housework. Every time I talked to her I broke down and she stayed so very strong and didn't once judge me, influence me or do anything other than offer help and advice. I really needed her and she helped me immensely. Even now she has trouble looking at the photos of Grace and has been unable to read this blog so I hope in time that gets easier for her. Every now and then she talks about Grace and it is always in a gentle or peaceful way. She knew how much I was wanting a girl and I can tell she really felt for me. Mum continue to take care of M while I work and her bond with my children is loving and re-assuring. She would do anything for her children!

My dad has been what I would describe as the strong silent type! He struggled to talk to me, to look at me and didn't know what to say like most people. He nearly broke down when he saw me after we had found out the news. His pain has been deeper than I thought it would be and he has held a lot in. He often visits us on Fridays after work, bringing treats for the boys and hoping for a nice coffee! He has an extra close bond with C in particular so together they do things that interest them both. If my dad is able to read this blog at some time....I don't think he will thank me for the photo I have added of him.....oh well I liked it!

My sister A has been great with picking up C and taking him to school for me and she never once complains! Throughout the really tough time, I don't think she knew how to even look at me and as time passed this has gone now. C would have missed many days of school had it not been for her.

My other sister S understands in her own way what has happened and when she was told she was extremely upset. We no longer mention Grace around her as it is all a bit too much for her to take in.

My brother, well much like my father, the strong silent type! He didn't say much but sympathy was passed on and he even was struggling with coming to the farewell ceremony. I felt for him as he was expecting baby N and it was a difficult time for him.

There is also the extended family, B's family, friends and work mates that have been so supportive and wonderful also...T, S....maybe they will feature in their own blog also! I just wanted to pay my family credit however as they are my family and will always be family. No matter how much they can annoy you at times, they are wonderful and they need to be treasured.....we just never know how long we have each other for! Love you all and thanks so very much for all that you have done for me throughout my life and for the time to come.

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